Welcome to Axcel Fire Systems

Mission Statement

Axcel Fire Systems, Inc. and our employees understand that it is our mission, duty and responsibility to protect both life and property at or above the industry standard, never sacrificing satisfaction, integrity or loyalty to the customer. Furthermore, Axcel Fire is an all in one comprehensive company providing Estimation, Design, Installation, Service and Inspections at the highest level of customer demand and care.


Core Values

Customer Service:
We put the customer first. Without customers you don’t have business. We always provide the best service at a realistic cost.

Excellence in Performance:
We know that performance is everything. That is why we strictly follow the codes of NFPA 13, 13R, 13D, 20, 25, as well as meeting the requirements of the Authorities having Jurisdiction.

We dedicate ourselves to a safe workplace. We continue training our employees to satisfy the most recent safety standard requirements.

We pride ourselves on being honest, providing clients and employees with the best experience possible.

We treat our clients, employees, and authorities with the respect they deserve.




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